5 Reasons Why Going to the Gym Improves Your Life

Here at Twist Gym we understand that sometimes it’s hard to take that first leap. Joining a gym – especially your first – can be a great change, and we get that it can feel like a big commitment. You might be wondering what the gym can do for you. There really are numerous ways in which joining a gym can enhance your overall quality of life. Luckily, we’ve compiled a short list to make the decision to come down to Twist even easier.

1. Improve your mental health/Reduce stress

Numerous studies have shown how regular exercise – coupled with a healthy diet – can be an excellent stress buster and help to improve mental health. By releasing any pent-up energy that you may have, through physical exertion your stress levels are sure to lessen, and serotonin levels will elevate. Serotonin and other brain chemicals released during exercise are great for boosting your mood and increasing confidence. Speaking of which…

2. Increase your confidence

With every session in the gym you’ll start to see an improvement in your performance. Week in, week out, you will begin to reach and then surpass your fitness goals. As the old adage goes, it doesn’t always get easier, but you always get better. By hitting the targets that you set for yourself, your confidence inside and outside of the gym will grow. Not only this, but you’ll start to look even better too. And that’s never a bad thing, right?

3. Add routine to your life

A life without routine is a life without order. If you want to be successful in all aspects of your life, then having some sort of routine is key. Whether it’s just a class or two, or you’re hitting the gym 5 days a week (don’t forget those rest days!), by attending the gym regularly you’ll add rhythm to your life. Before work, on your days off, or after work, it doesn’t matter. Our opening hours are extensive, and we have classes spaced throughout the week so that you’ll find something to suit your lifestyle.

4. Make new friends

Upon joining Twist you’ll quickly see that our communal feel shines through. Many of our members have been coming for years, and soon you will start to make new friends and feel a part of the Twist tribe. We’re big enough to offer a wide range of facilities, and small enough to ensure that you get a welcoming hello and warm goodbye every time you walk through our doors. We realise that it’s a cliché, but we aren’t just a gym; we’re a family.

5. Get fit and healthy

We decided to keep the obvious one for the very end. When you join us at Twist, the first thing in your mind should be the desire to get fitter, to be stronger, to increase stamina, and to enhance your overall health. By signing up to one of our affordably priced packages and taking that first walk through our doors, you will be making a commitment to yourself not only to be better but feel better too. We even did a survey among our current customer base. Turns out that getting fit and healthy factored into pretty much everybody’s decision to join our gym:

  • 36% – Get in shape
  • 31% – Strength & Conditioning
  • 23% – Weight loss
  • 7% – Recovery from an injury
  • 5% – Maintenance of health/Keep healthy/Stay in shape

Why Twist Gym?

We decided that knowing why people go to the gym wasn’t enough. More specifically, we wanted to know why people decided to spend their hard-earned cash with us here at Twist. We couldn’t have been happier with the results. As you can see, our personal touch is what sets us apart from the competition. When asked “Why did you choose us in preference to other gyms?”, our customers answered as follows:

  • 34% – Small personal gym
  • 22% – Friendly and qualified instructors
  • 19% – Recommendation
  • 17% – Location

Once you make the choice to come and see us at Twist Gym, you will be astounded at how quickly you begin to reap the benefits. So why not come down and impress yourself or try a Free Week on us?

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