JAMES FORREST – Founder Co-owner

I founded Twist in 2003. After spending 5 years working as a freelance in numerous gyms in London and Surrey as a personal trainer I felt there was a big gap in the health and fitness industry – exclusive personal training. So group personal training was born, the combination of membership and personal training. Training in small groups Twist members can train as often as they like but ALWAYS under the supervision of a fully qualified trainer.


Imagine a place where you never get ignored. A place where your goals and restrictions are never forgotten. We say hello and goodbye, but the best bit is the bit in the middle of that. We will treat you like a member of the family not a member tied into a gym contract where you’re stuck. Don’t be put off by the exterior of our gym, the heart and soul is the most important part. Don’t take it from us; check out our members testimonials below.


I had always been involved in the hair and beauty industry, having spent nearly 2 decades as part of a successful national group of salons. Whilst I was on this previous journey in my life it slowly dawned on me it’s not just about the external aesthetics of the body, but just as crucial if not more crucial to focus on the internal and healthy aspects of one’s body.

My passion for training and fitness

It was that point in my life when my passion for training and fitness was sparked. And the flame has just continued to grow and grow, engulfing into a burning passion and unquenchable thirst to now both train, and train others.
It was after several years of one-to-one high intense training with James Forrest that the opportunity arose for me to become Co-Owner of Twist Gym. I simply couldn’t refuse this and so finally my dream of a transition from hair and beauty to fitness industry was complete.

Co-owner of a gym

However, my desire to educate and learn, to know more and learn facts about this industry inspired me not to just accept being co-owner of a gym. I needed and wanted to have the key knowledge too so I devoted all my spare time, energy and effort and eventually qualified as a level 3 Personal Trainer, Spin Instructor & Nutritional Therapist. I tested myself and ‘placed’ in a National Natural Body-Building competition. Now I endeavour to pass my passion and enthusiasm onto my clients and by doing so I really hope to achieve the best superior results possible for them.

Meet Our Amazing Team

We are a team of experienced people, nutrition, sports and fitness passionate experts with talent
and knowledge unsurpassed in the industry. Get to know us.